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Longarm Machine Quilting

Many people enjoy "piecing" quilts but find "hand quilting" tedious or "machine quilting" on their home machine unsatisfactory or difficult on larger quilts. Having a quilt professionally machine quilted allows"piecers" to get tops finished quickly and beautifully.

Nana QuiltingWe have been machine quilting professionally since 2000 on our Gamill Classic machine and 14 foot table. Our machine is, "stitch regulated", making all the stitches a uniform size, and hand guided.

Longarm machine quilting is quilting using a very large sewing machine. The quilt, batting and backing are seperately loaded on various rollers- this is very much like a tradional quilting frame but each roller holds a different part of the "quilt sandwich". The machine is mounted on tracks and rollers allowing it to move along the quilt top vertically and horizontally with ease, giving us the ability to sew unlimited complicated, artistic designs into your quilt top.

Ali Quilting with Longarm MachineThe choices for longarm machine quilting are almost limitless- we offer a huge variety of all-over (patnograph), free-hand and stencil patterns. Also, we are constantly learning and developing new quilting patterns. You can choose from all-over pantographs to very traditional feathers to very modern free-hand designs and everything in between.

We treat every quilt, that comes in to our studio, as though it was one of our own. We are proud of the work we do and many of the quilts we have quilted have won awards.

Please call us for information on having your quilt finished by Nana's Capo Beach Quilting.

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